Aloe Vera

HERB: Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera); 芦荟 lú huì FAMILY: Liliaceae (Lily family). Commentary: Besides being great for soothing and healing the digestive tract, you can use the inner gel topically for burns or other inflammatory skin conditions. Also I just learnt that Aloe Vera could help expel worms and is toxic to growing embryos and … Continue reading Aloe Vera

Turning 29

Every birthday, I feel compelled to write a reflective post about the past year and life lessons learnt. I guess this has turned into a tradition. This year flew by so quickly. Time is like that when you are busy. Surrender / Letting go This has been a big theme of recent days. It is … Continue reading Turning 29

Illness as Teacher

"Why is this happening to me..?" There are no straight answers to this question. Instead, as Naturopaths, we encourage a more positive perspective. Seeing illness as Teacher. and asking: "What can I learn from this?" Often times we fall ill and expect a quick fix. But does that fix the root cause of your illness? … Continue reading Illness as Teacher

Herbalist Community Work

This morning I brought a client with cancer to view and harvest Dragon Tail plant (Epipremnum Pinnatum / "Loong-Wei") which Sebastian (my mentor) recommended for her treatment. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had as a herbalist - real grassroots interaction in nature. I taught her what I learnt from Rongoā Māori … Continue reading Herbalist Community Work

Earthing Summarized

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Healthy Plate: Carbohydrates

My definitive guide to Carbs. #longtimecoming #nutritionseries #healthyplate

Good Friday Reflections 2021

Every Good Friday, I reflect on the passion of Christ, on his life and teachings. What can we learn from Jesus? This year, I'm thinking of his humility. Despite being able to work miracles and most probably prevent his own suffering and death, he humbled himself to his Father's will - that he should be … Continue reading Good Friday Reflections 2021

Human Constitutions

It has been 1 month since I started my mentorship with Dr. Sebastian Liew. It has flown by like a breeze. Every day there is so much to do and so much more to learn. Time passes so quickly. In this post I want to summarize what I've learnt about the different 'Energetics' of people … Continue reading Human Constitutions

Herbal Constituents

In the previous post I explained what herbal actions are. This one will focus on the constituents. To put it simply, herbal constituents are identified chemical compounds unique to each herb which produce the herb's effects. It is modern science's way of isolating and validating a herb's actions. For example, the Salicylates from Willow bark … Continue reading Herbal Constituents


Our human emotions are often the source of all joy and suffering. If we can step back, observe ourselves and our actions and respond with love in every difficult interaction do you think our relationships and lives will be better? Thanks for reading. P.s. Many herbs have the ability to help us with our emotions. … Continue reading Emotions