W1D1 (27.06.2015)

Week 1 Day 1 – Strength Day

3 sets of As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP), done in a circuit

1. Inclined push-ups with knee on the floor (~10)
2. Reclined body-weight rows (10~12)
3. Pull-ups (1)
4. Standing Calf Raisers (~10)
5. Walking Lunges (15~20)
6. Hanging Leg lifts (~5)
7. Hanging oblique knee raise (~5 a side)
8. Body-weight Squats (10~15)
9. Weightless shoulder press (15~20)
10. Butt lift / Bridge (~1 minute hold)

*Reps stated in brackets.
*Rest between exercises were kept to a minimal.

Tried to hit every muscle in the body.
SC joint still hurt so I could not do a proper push-up.
Did not want to risk injury so I stuck to only 1 pull-up.
Great first workout! 🙂 The circuit style induced quite a cardiovascular response, especially when the rest was kept to a minimum. Was even hyperventilating halfway and had to rest longer.

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