W3D4 – Anaerobic 


6 x 200m Sprint / 2′ rest

Alternate every 100m between freestyle (5stroke1breath) and breaststroke (2stroke1breath)

WU: Dynamic swinging + 1st set @ a lower intensity

CD: 10mins easy swimming + extensive yoga stretching routine

Worked out in a fasted state again. This time my Bulletproof Intermittent Fast lasted 20hours! Only ate lunch at 17:30 even though my workout ended at 15:30.

Not sure if it’s an effect from the diet or my body is just becoming more efficient at utilizing my fat stores or some other reason, but ever since I started ramping up my training, my appetite has not increased proportionately. In fact, I sometimes forget how it feels to be hungry…

Do share any opinions or advice you may have in the comments! Thanks 🙂

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