Yesterday (W3D7) was supposed to be my rest day but how could I rest when The Fitness Extremist jio-ed me to a fitness exhibition by SuperFit? 😄 so I pushed rest day to today. Besides, today was also the day we planned to go Johor Bahru!

Wasn’t easy squeezing amongst such buff dudes!

It was a day to remember! First, we ate noodles before crossing the border. Then we indulged in some famous Bak Kut Teh and Lavender bread/coffee before watching Ant-Man, enjoying a traditional Thai massage (it was clean…), eating some more chicken rice and finally, gorging on 2kg of crayfish and some great zi-char from Taman Sentosa. Looking forward to our next outing bros! 😄

Caramel pudding from Lavender
“Its too big for our mouths!” 😉

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