W4D3 – Aerobic 

Swimming: Traditional Zone 2 Aerobic Training 

50 mins AMLAP, completed about 1900m. Alternate each lap between freestyle and breaststroke.

HR range: 174-150

Average freestyle lap: 1’10”

Average breaststroke lap: 1’30”

Stopped every 5 mins to check HR. Heart rate kept dropping from 174 the first few laps to 150 for the last few laps. I just tried to maintain a comfortable pace but maybe I started getting too comfortable at the end haha. Oh well, this is a good way to build up my aerobic base for now since I can’t run yet. The slow pace also helps me focus on technique! Will slowly increase the duration by adding 5 mins per workout.


16kg Swing – 10, 20

Felt a sharp pain in my third finger after the 20 and thought better of continuing or pushing through the pain. Actually intended to do up to 50 and try out some single-hand swings. The old me who’ve done just that. I guess some injuries are life-changing huh?

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