W4D5 – Lactate Threshold 


Did a Critical Swim Speed test to find out which swimming pace corresponded with my lactate threshold.

WU: Dynamic swinging + 10mins easy swimming, building up to 90% intensity

1 x 400m – Time: 8’03”

1 x 200m – Time: 3’57”

Both done in freestyle at my maximal sustained pace, around 80% intensity. (So slow.. 😔)


CSS (m/sec) = (400 – 200) / (T400 – T200)

Where T400 and T200 are 400 and 200m times in seconds.

Next, convert your speed from m/sec into time per 100m.

Results: 2’03” / 100m

Discussion: This pace is accurate to within a couple of seconds. So having this knowledge, I can better plan my future workout pace to swim at or close to my lactate threshold (LT) to improve my LT. This is useful when it comes to any sport or exercise which requires one to keep going at a maximum sustained pace using one’s aerobic capabilities.

I will also begin to progressively reduce the rest time between sets for greater improvements. Contrary to popular belief, one does not need to constantly push above LT to see improvements. Doing so will only induce increased fatigue and less adaptation to one’s LT.

Taken from Beyond Training by Ben Greenfield: Now I can use this chart to plan my training more specifically too!

Handstand Training

3 tries of handstand walking up a wall

6 x 10sec Hollow Body Holds

Starting to incorporate daily skills training to work on basic body conditioning and skills progression! Hope to do handstand push-ups without wall support one day!

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