W4D7 – Active Rest

Today is rest day but that doesn’t mean complete bed rest! In fact, in my experience, active recovery may be more beneficial. If we think in terms of blood and lymph flow, movement helps promote circulation and this is more crucial for our lymphatic system in clearing metabolic waste since it doesn’t have a heart to continually pump stuff around. On top of that, some good ol’ smashing and flossing and stretching  and strengthening of our tissues goes a long way! This releases tension, breaks up knots, increases blood flow, helps in muscle growth and keeps fascia, ligaments and tendons flexible/malleable(is this the right word??).


1. Beginner’s morning Yoga from the  Man Flow Yoga App.

Admittedly, I only did the ‘Wake up in 5 mins – Beginner’ routine this morning because I was in a hurry to play some mobile games… After spending a good deal of the morning playing, I deleted that game. It was a very VERY tough decision but I realize it was too addictive and once I started, I couldn’t stop. Time is too precious to waste on games and I’d rather spend that time reading some good books or articles instead.


1. 1 Hour Full-body Self-Myofascial/Trigger Point Release (Click the link for more info)

My arsenal of tissue torture equipment

Did this from the feet up to my neck muscles. Hurts so bad but I couldn’t stop because it also felt so good…

2. ~40 mins of Man Flow Yoga: Flow Session 2

Dean, the creator of Man Flow Yoga honestly wasn’t kidding when he said that you can get the ‘Perfect’, ripped, masculine manly body that you want from just doing yoga alone. You have to try it for yourself to believe it! 10 Minutes into the flow session and sweat was dripping from my body all over the yoga mat. Furthermore, I was shaking uncontrollably just trying to hold the poses and had to pause the video to rest more often than I wanted. 😭 this guy takes isometrics to a whole new level.
It’s recommended to stretch after an intense foam rolling/self massage session because your muscles will be more susceptible to stretching due to various reasons like increased blood flow and pliability. I use yoga to kill two birds with one bullet as I can work on both flexibility and conditioning of the muscles(especially your weaker postural muscles!) simultaneously.

Alright, time to cook some sautéed vegetables and grass-fed beef steak!🌱🍖🍴😄

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