W5D1 – Aerobic + Conditioning 

8am – Yoga

130pm – Swimming

Long steady aerobic at 60-70% intensity

50 mins: 42 laps

Alternate between freestyle and breaststroke

Reflection: Although HIIT might seem more time efficient because you can increase your VO2 max while burning almost twice as much fat, there are some aspects of endurance you just can’t hit with HIIT. For example, your ability to increase your maximal cardiac output (a measurement of the largest amount of blood your heart can pump in a given amount of time) using HIIT alone is somewhat limited. HIIT induces more adaptations on your peripheral muscle fitness while endurance training affects your central, cardiovascular fitness more. It’s a trade off but still not one I would want to neglect!

515pm – Conditioning 

50 Burpees non-stop for time (3’10”)

16kg Kettlebell swing – 50

One handed Kettlebell swing – 3 x 10 ea side

Reflection: Wanted to do 100 Burpees straight to see how long I took but stopped at 50 because my legs were cramping up. No joke… Must have gotten close to my max heart rate too! This combination of Burpees and Kettlebell swings are great for a whole body workout! Burpees for most of the pushing muscles and Kettlebell for your pulling and muscles of your posterior chain.

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