W5D2 – Strength


1. Learning to Run again

5′ Brisk Walking

6 x 45″ Jogging 45″ Walking

2 x 1′ Jogging 1′ Walking

Reflection: Started out on the concrete track but felt the impact was too much so I shifted to the grass beside the track. Some minor pains in my ankle and knee but ignored that can continued because it wasn’t a sharp pain. Just maybe my body still getting used to it. Extremely thrilled to start running again!

2. Morning Yoga

Reflection: Yoga for man to get ripped and strong! Really loving the challenge from just trying to complete the sequences.Often have to pause the video for a breather!

PM – Strength 

Deadlifts (55kg – 8, 65kg – 8, 8, 8)

Weighted dips (10kg – 8,8,8 12.5kg – 8)

Pistol Squats (Bodyweight – 8 5kg – 8, 8, )

Weighted Pull-ups (Bodyweight 28, 12.5kg – 6, 7)

Db shoulder press (12.5kg – 8, 10kg – 8,8)

Several Dragonfly attempts 🙂

2-3 minutes rest between sets

Reflection: Another great workout with Jack the Fitness Extremist! Check out his blog here! Planned to do another met con barbell complex after the strength session but I was exhausted and called it a day.

Sometimes you need to take one step back to take two steps forward. 

Went to the public gym at Sengkang Swimming Complex. It was extremely crowded! We were both missing the serenity and focus which comes from an empty gym where it’s just you and the weights. On the bright side, one can also soak up and feed off the energy from a place packed full of people eager to improve their fitness, health and quality of life! Not to mention some hot babes as well… 😍 Strong is sexy.

Nice view of pungol river and a sunset as I stretch.

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