W5D3 – Lactate Threshold 


Woke up feeling like a fully decked out double decker London bus had hit me haha. So I took the morning off.



6 x 200m / 20 sec rest

Targeted Pace: 2’03” / 100m (from last week’s Lactate Threshold / CSS test)

Average time per 200m: 4’09”

CD: Full body yoga-style stretching and Self Myofascial Release (SMR) massage


Felt ready to workout after a good long afternoon nap.

Did not manage to hit the targeted pace though. Went out too hard for the first set (3’58”) so I think the subsequent sets suffered. 20 seconds rest is no joke when you are swimming just below the pace where the lactic buildup forces you to slow your movements down. It is over in the blink of an eye so it felt like I was swimming continuously.

After yesterday’s thrashing in the gym, I set about 1.5 hours aside for a full body stretch and SMR. This is important for recovering fast and maintaining the health of your tissues.

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