W5D5 – Travel

(Backdated post: July 29, 2015)

Spent the day travelling so I tried to include as much physical activity as I could while I traveled.
For example, I was standing through most of the plane flights. As I stood, I kept changing positions to stretch and I did some exercises like lunges, wall-sit holds, calf raisers, leg swings and pretty much kept active as much as possible. I’m currently writing a short guide to biohacking plane flights and will include as much detail of this as possible!

Upon arriving at my destination:

1. Run
About 1 Mile continuously
Still slowly learning how to run again. Feels so unnatural. At least now I can jog continuously and not alternate between walking and jogging.

2. Basic Conditioning
This simple combination hits every muscle and is good if you are short on time. Didn’t have a pull-up bar so I jumped and grabbed the front porch!

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