W6D1 – Power MetCon

Hours of sleep: 6 
Sleep quality: 8/10
HRV: 83
Slept much more last night despite taking the day off. Highest HRV recorded so far! So the active rest day really works huh 🙂

AM: SMR + Cycle

Whole Body Self Myofascial Release (SMR)
Order of Muscles hit: Bottom-Up. (Feet to neck muscles)
Total time: 1 hour
Equipment used: Golf ball, baseball, two tennis balls in a sock, Nalgene 1L bottle
Reflection: Short on equipment. No foam roller so I just used the baseball to ‘knead’ my thigh muscles, almost similar to kneading dough when baking. Nalgene bottle was another good substitute for the foam roller. Used it for hamstrings and lats.

Easy cycle
Time: 1hour
Distance: 3 miles
+ Some burpees, pull-ups, monkey bars.
Notes: Just an exploratory session around the neighborhood. Went up a pretty steep hill, found a local park and playground which was very well equipped for children 6-12! I can just imagine them doing pull-ups and muscle ups on the monkey bars, doing dips and L-sit to Handstands on the parallel bars and more! So many different kinds of monkey bars it was like an obstacle course!

PM: Power MetCon mesh

4 Supersets of:
1. One-handed tire flips x10 ea hand
2. Tire thrusters x20
No rest

RUN: 1.4Mile Steady pace

4 sets of:
1. Reclined bodyweight row with single leg hamstring curl x7 ea leg
2. L-sit to ‘crow pose’ shoulder press x5
3. Box jump on bench x10
Minimal rest
+ Some extra messing around the playground trying out calisthenics like human flags, vampire sit-ups, muscle ups etc.

Reflection: This playground got my creative juices flowing so I decided to mix some compound exercises together. It was fun yet challenging at the same time! Less monotonous than doing many many reps of pull-ups. Here’s a short video I made of the 2nd part of this workout!

SMR (10mins)
Muscles hit: Low back, glutes, lats
Notes: Felt these muscles complaining during the workout so I went back and rolled sommore!

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