Random Exercise Idea: Wall Hamstring Curls!

Woke up, looked at the wall and had a Eureka moment. Wall Hamstring Curls!!!

💪🏻Get as close to the wall as possible
💪🏻Prop Feet up
💪🏻Imagine using your heels to pull your butt towards your ankles
💪🏻Try single leg curls for extra challenge!

Some people have an imbalance in strength between their Quadriceps(front of thigh) and their Hamstring muscle group(back of thigh). This predisposes you to injury like hamstring tears, especially when you have high training volume. Think players during championship season. The ideal ratio is disputable but most recognize it as 3:2, quad:hammies. Now you can hammer those hammies anytime, anyday! 🔨



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