W6D6 – Sports Specific Training

(Backdated Post: 8 Aug 2015)

Hours of Sleep: 3.5 (0030-0400)
Sleep quality: 9/10
HRV: 81
Notes: Fell asleep b4 finishing my rosary again. Woke up with a tight right lower back because I slept the whole time on one side. But it was better after some OSM. Will have to remember not to do that again. Also, today’s HRV was relatively high, wonder if it’s because I didn’t do a heavy morning session yesterday? Still, my muscles(esp chest) are aching pretty badly! That’s one limitation about HRV. It detects fatigue in your system but not at specific muscle sites.

Fatigue can be classified according to ‘central fatigue’ or ‘peripheral fatigue’. ‘Central fatigue’ is fatigue that originates in the CNS. However, the vast majority of evidence points to ‘Peripheral fatigue’ where neural, mechanical or energetic events can hamper tension development. Will write an article on different types of fatigue in he future.

AM – Anaerobic: Strength+Power Endurance 

1 Hour of Tabata Exercises! 😱😱😱 
8 Sets of 20″/10″
(Reps in brackets)

1. ‘Sally Up!’ song squat holds (3+ mins)
2. Push-ups (28,26,20,16,14,10,9,10)
3. Alternate btw TRX reclined Rows & mountain climbers (TRX – 20,15,14,14 Mt.Climbers – 28,25,24,24)
4. Jump squats (14,14,12,10,9,9,9,15)
5. Team activity: Two teams, alt btw wall-sits & shuttle runs. Hold wall sits until other team finishes run and switch
6. Alt. btw Mountain climber to outside leg + overhead plate chops (Mt.Climber- 16,16,15,16 Ovrhead plate chops- 8,9,8,9)
7. 20kg Kettlebell swings, 1st & last set doublearm, rest alt single arm (14,12,12,12,12,12,12,14)
8. Sally song (3+ mins) crab walk with push-ups at every ‘Sally Up!’
Highest HR: 36 x 6 = 216 

Notes: Finally found a true blue Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) fitness gym! Today was a free trial so I joined in the family session. Man this was a killer! I have never done a FULL HOUR of Tabata before. The group consisted of fit ninja-warrior looking dudes, young kids(some even younger than 10yo!) and slightly senior individuals! The atmosphere was really energetic, pleasant and I felt very much at home. The facility was equipped with more workout equipment than I could ever imagine! From traditional dumbbell and barbell weights to machines, giant tires, ninja warrior ramps, sandbags, kettlebells, some martial art equipment and lots of homemade equipment I’ve never seen before!

We did the Tabata according to the music so there was some sort of beat and it was much easier to keep track of time! (See video for more info. Might have to turn up the vol.) The good thing about a Tabata set is that you are your own limitation. So I had a chance to get to know Mr. Lactate Threshold pretty well! As you can see the reps descended dramatically. Another thing to note, I just totally disproved the traditional gauge that your max heart rate is 220-(your age). Going by that, mine should be 197 but today it was way higher. And I only measured after the set, so I think it could have been even higher during!

PM & Tmr: Off. I can feel my body getting more and more physically beat up these past few days and this mornings’ workout put the last nail in the coffin!

Extremely satisfied with this week’s training!

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