W6D7 – Active Rest + Weekly Summary 

Hours of Sleep: 6.5 (2330 – 0600)
Sleep quality: 9/10
HRV: 84
Notes: Sooo tired last night after that intense morning 1hr Tabata workout. Slept like a baby! Didn’t wake up at all.

Summary of Week 6

Sleep & Recovery

Total sleep: 35 hrs
Average sleep quality: 8.14/10
Longest sleep: 7.5 hrs
Shortest sleep: 2.5 hrs
Average HRV: 79.7
Highest HRV: 83 (Day 1)
Lowest HRV: 75 (Day 3)


Total  Training: 13

Number of Workouts:
Resistance Training – 6
Endurance (Aerobic) – 3
Endurance (Anaerobic) – 1
Recovery (yoga/SMR) – 3

Notes: Had a really good week! Trained hard, rested well and enjoyed myself thoroughly! Finally found an authentic Obstacle Course Racing gym too! Thinking of going to Hawaii next weekend for my first Spartan race.

This is my active rest!

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