W6D5 – Strength + Anaerobic 

(Backdated Blogpost: Friday, 7th Aug 2015)

Hours of sleep: 6 (0000-0300, 4:00-7:00)

Sleep quality: 9/10

HRV: 78

Reflection: Totally destroyed by yesterday’s power endurance workout. Was fighting to stay awake to finish my rosary last night. Think I should also try to sleep before 11am from now on. Still, 6 hrs of rest is much lesser than what I’d expect from being so exhausted. Usually I’d go for 9-10.

Woke up feeling like a fuel truck hit me on the freeway! 🚍 substituted my morning workout with this:


Greasing the groove (Strength + Skills training) 

Done throughout the day, almost hourly:

Ultimate Sandbag luggage carries – 1’/side
Inclined Rows – 8~10
Single-leg wall Handstand holds – 15″/side (still learning)
L-sit to handstand tries – 5 (still learning)
Assisted Pistol squats to calf raisers- 3-5
Assisted Front levers holds – 5″ / side
Sets completed: 5
Time per set: ~10mins
Total workout time: ~50mins

– jogged instead of walking around the house
– stood for most of the day, including meals

Notes: Whole body routine, enough to work up a sweat! I stop the moment a rep gets tough hence the rep ranges. It’s meant to be sub-maximal so I can continue doing this throughout the day. Not bad considering the total workout time was 50+ mins which is roughly equivalent to my morning workout. Furthermore, I did this as I did my work, using it as a form of work-break. It certainly saved me a lot of time as I did not have to set aside time for a morning workout. Feel like I became more productive too!


1. Interval Hill Sprints 

6 x 2.5mins / rest by jogging down
Intensity – 90%

Notes: Found a hill nearby which was really steep and long! Saw a wild 🐺 or coyote in the distance so I borrow one of the signs of one of the neighbors and ran with it. In case I got attacked, at least I had a weapon 🙂


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