Scientific Strength

Scientific Strength is an innovative podcast that deconstructs the science of strength training, as well as health and fitness research. Learn how to improve training and performance with cutting edge research in the area of strength, health, fitness, and peak performance for today’s athlete, coach, and the intelligent fitness enthusiast. Brought to you by Scott Iardella, MPT, CSCS, CISSN, a physical therapist and strength coach. Each episode is dedicated to one study – taking the science to practical application to improve training results and performance. To find Scott online, go to

My iTunes Review:

***** 5 Stars

One reason I love listening to podcasts is because I can do it while travelling or cooking or anything monotonous. This helps me save time while gaining new knowledge simultaneously. Scott has taken this to the next level by saving me extra time from not having to read through journals to get reliable information. His critical examination of the papers coupled with his invaluable insight from years of experience as a physical therapist and strength coach add further flavor to the information. I have been following the Rdella Training Podcast for a year now and will definitely add this to my list of favorite podcasts. I really appreciate what you’re doing Scott! Keep up the good work!
YouTube channel: Injured NoMore
Instagram & Twitter @injurednomore

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