W7D1 – Aerobic + Strength

 Hours of Sleep: 6 (0100-0700)
Sleep quality: 9/10
HRV: 78
Notes: Slept like a baby. Wonder if my normal sleep cycle is returning…

AM – Aerobic 

‘Wake-me-up’ Morning Trail Run: 

Time: 20 mins
Distance: 1.34 Miles
Average pace: 13.5 min/mile
HR: 162 ~ 185 (75 – 86% based on new max HR recorded on W6D6)
Notes: Heart and body took about 10mins to warm up. HR increased steadily throughout the run. Love the fresh morning mountain air! Chased some desert bunnies and birds. Always feel so energized when I start my day like this!


6 sets Barbell Complex Met Con:

Bench press – 44.8kg
Deadlift to Upright rows – 44.8kg
Thrusters – 25kg (with calf raisers at the top)
(Hit Max HR after every complex!)

Immediately after: 11 min of Rope Climbs

Notes: Worked out at the Sun Devil Fitness Complex! I absolutely love this place! It’s like the size of 2 Tampines Malls but the entire place is full of weight rooms, cardio rooms, basketball courts, swimming pools, yoga studios, massage therapy and meditation rooms and did I mention weight rooms? The amount of equipment here is mind boogling! And I have never seen some of it. I was so fascinated by the rope climb machine that I did it for 10 mins straight! Feel like I’m in heaven ~~~

*Extras: 10+ Miles of walking around campus with a 16lb bag

YouTube Channel: Injured NoMore
Twitter & Instagram @injurednomore

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