W7D4- Power Endurance

Sleep Hours: ~9 (2215 – 0720)

Sleep Quality: 10/10

HRV: 70

Notes: Longest and deepest sleep so far since arriving in Arizona. Did not wake up at all. It rained quite heavily last night though. That could have made a difference.

However, my body still feels pretty beat up! Today the Sweetbeat app says my HRV has recovered. Lol. I immediately went back to check yesterday’s HRV and realized that I was advised to have a low exertion workout yesterday. Hahaha. Oh well, at least it’s recovered.

Chest has been aching since last sat’s Tabata insanity. Shall focus more on back muscles and avoid Burpees today.

07:00 – Endurance (Aerobic) 


Distance: 5+ Miles

Notes: Woke up early to go to mass at the nearest church today because I couldn’t find a church in Flagstaff last weekend. Felt my need for spiritual nourishment fulfilled. 🙂

This is from the fb video I shared of the last hymn sang in church ~

“It’s really heartwarming to know that all over the world, every Catholic Church you go to celebrates mass in almost the same format and even sings the same hymns! This one has an eerie, sorta holy purple glow from the tainted glass! They also only have a guitar so the hymns are sung acoustic! Really soothing.”

15:00 – Endurance (Aerobic + Power) 

Warm Up: 30mins of jogging

4 sets AMRAP with minimal rest of:

Cable push pull (10-12 per side)

Burpees (15,10,10,10)

Barbell Lever Clean to single arm shoulder press (10 per side, alternate sides every rep)

Muscle ups to failure then continue pull-ups to failure (4-12, 4-12, 3-10, 2-10)

Rumble Roller SMR: 1 hour

Yoga style OSM cool-down: 30mins

Notes: Got very creative in the gym today! Didn’t want to do the usual isolated cable press or fly which is very inefficient in my opinion so I came up with this! Also, I am abandoning the idea of resting between stations when working out because that simply doesn’t happen in a race. This helps improve my work capacity too.

YouTube channel: Injured NoMore

Twitter & Instagram @injurednomore

Here’s a video of today’s workout:

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