W7D6 – Travel to Hawaii 

Spent the day traveling today. Had a flight to San Francisco then another one to Honolulu, Hawaii. Unfortunately, I forgot to get lunch during the transit and didnt want to spend 💰on airplane food.

Thankfully, I’d brought some avocados, Himalayan pink salt, coconut oil, almond butter and grass fed butter, CapraFlex and Amino Acids on board. Ate 3 avocados sprinkled with salt on them and had to force myself to stop after wolfing down half a jar of almond butter! Too tasty!

 Instagram @injurednomore

Hawaii really reminds me of Singapore. The weather today was not as arid as Arizona but also pretty humid like back home. However the landscape is spectacular! Really reminds me of Jurassic Park and Lost.

Had to walk a mile to reach my AirBnB house but it was on top of this steep hill! Felt like I’d climbed a mountain even though it was only one mile! What is up with me and hills… Even in Phoenix where I’m studying, I have to cycle 20mins up this mountain reserve everyday to go home from school! This is why my past few training logs haven’t included long runs. My legs are too sore from all the cycling and walking alr!

Sleep: 4hrs (1130 – 0230, 430 – 530)

Sleep quality: 9/10

HRV: 75 (-1)

Notes: Woke up naturally. It seems I sleep a lot more on days when I go ‘balls out’ in training!

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