Book Spotlight: Bottom Line’s Top 20 Secret Reports of All Time

My Aunt is an avid reader so back at their place in Phoenix, the house is brimming with books. When I found their collection, it was as if I’d found TREASURE! Immediately I picked out a couple of books that interested me and this was one of them. I read 35 pages of this on the flight back from San Francisco and these are some of my notes:

  1. Bootstrapping involves starting a business with whatever cash you can scrape together. Anyone can start a business for $1000 or less. (E.g. Hewlett-Packard, Walt Disney, etc)
  2. The fastest and safest cholesterol-lowering method is through your diet. This can be done easily by avoiding all animal products such as red meat, poultry, seafood, eggs and diary products like milk, cheese and margarine. But I wouldn’t recommend becoming vegan permanently as this has problems of its own such as nutrient deficiency, especially for pregnant women whose fetuses need vitamins from meat to grow healthily.
  3. There are always a myriad of alternative treatment to most diseases and sickness. Don’t be fooled into thinking modern western medicine is the only option or the cure-all. After all, some traditional methods have worked for thousands of years. Antibiotics eliminate both good and bad bacteria in our bodies, disrupting the delicate ecosystem within our body we need to flourish. Often, when this happens, people become susceptible to an overgrowth of undesirable bacteria such as Candida which is a form of yeast infection.
  4. Sometimes, high heels can be beneficial. Especially so for pregnant or heavy women because they take the pressure off the heels and arch and move it to the balls of the feet.
  5. The cheapest and smartest way to make your heirs millionaires is to invest in life insurance and not bequest them with property. A properly structured trust will be substantially tax free and the dollar cost will be surprisingly low.
  6. Avoid attorneys and exorbitant legal fees by representing yourself in legal matters. However, some cases do require professional expertise and knowledge such as prenuptial agreements and criminal cases. Do extensive research before deciding to take things into your own hands.
  7. Supercharge your immunity with just a few herbs: 
    • Vision disorders: Bilberry
    • Cold & flu: Echinacea
    • Blood pressure & cholesterol: Garlic
    • Heart problems like arrhythmia, angina and shortness of breath: Hawthorn
    • Liver protection: Milk Thistle
    • Prostate problems & Balness: Saw Palmetto
    • Heart & Arthritis: Turmeric. Some research suggest turmeric can stop inflammation half as effectively as steroids and without the troubling side effects. Good for arthritis. Additionally, it protects the heart by making blood platelets less likely to clump and form fatal clots, also preventing cholesterol buildup in the arteries.
  8. Breakthrough treatment for Arthritis. Research consistently shows exercise alleviates symptoms and improves strength and flexibility. Contrary to the popular believe of exercise exacerbating muscle and joint pain. Stretch at least 10mins daily, perform some form of light aerobic activity like biking or walking at least 30mins, 5 days a week. Also recommended are strengthing exercises such as resistance machines or weight lifting 3 times a week. Gradually working up to 15mins. Apply warm moist heat to joints or muscles 15 mins before and after exercise to minimize pain and prevent injury. 

More Info:

  1. Bottom Line’s Top 20 Secret Reports Of All Time

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