W8D1 – Active rest


1. Walking past a Fitness Corner 

Muscle ups: 20

Leg lifts: 10

Front levers: 5 

Hanging wipers: 20

L-Sit to handstand tries: 6

2. Hiked up Diamond Head Volcano


1. A lot more walking 

Notes: Carried a friggin heavy backpack everywhere today! Why do I carry so much food and clothes around..? Oh well, this is ‘accidental training’. AROO! 🙂

Sleep: 5.5hrs (1100-0430)

Sleep quality: 9/10

HRV: 78 (+2)

Notes: Thought I would’ve slept longer after a race but couldn’t sleep after waking up

W8D2 – Active rest 

0930: Waiting for the bus

Pull-ups: 40

Power Dips(explode up): 20

L-sit holds: 1 min

1-Arm inclined Push-ups w backpack: 10ea
Sleep: 6.5hrs (1130-600)

Sleep quality: 9/10

HRV: 75 (-2)

Notes: It’s weird but I was more exhausted from touring around yesterday than after the race. Maybe it’s accumulated. 


2130: 1 set of Calisthenics (max rep)

  1. Handstand holds 
  2. L-sit to handstand tries 
  3. Alternate Single-arm inclined push-ups
  4. Close-grip Pull-ups 
  5. Front levers 
  6. Leg lifts

Sleep: 6hrs (2130-0340)

Sleep quality: 9/10

HRV: 83 (+8)

Notes: The bruises on my feet and ankle are healing slowly but surely. Thank god. That’s a good sign because if they didn’t and continued to progress, it means my autoimmune disease is back and the volcano has erupted once again. 

Had to wake up early to catch my flight but fell right back asleep when measuring my HRV. Surprisingly it went up by 8! Could it be because I fell asleep or because I’ve been resting the past few days? 

I will slowly and progressively get back to my usual training routine. As usual, listening to my body is of utmost importance so no running/jogging for at least the remainder of this week to give my feet time to recover. 

Lastly, it’s time to plan future OCR races! I should do it soon or risk spending loads of $$$. 

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