W8D4 – Strength + Aerobic 

“Good things come to those who sweat.”


Strength Circuit
– 4 sets AMRAPS
– Minimal rest between stations or sets

1. Weighted alternate grips pull-ups: 12.5kg/27.5lb
2. Weighted dips: 12.5kg/27.5lb
3. Rotational lunges: 20kg
4. Battle ropes: front & sides

Will be making a YouTube video of this workout! Check out my channel @ Injured NoMore for some of my previous videos.


Endurance (Aerobic)
40 mins cycling uphill back home
Notes: (From Instagram @injurednomore)
They have everything!
Beef ribs, pork ribs, pork loin, salmon, oysters, mussels, clams, steamed fish, crabs, prawns, shrimps, octopuses, barbecue chicken, sweet & sour chicken, fried chicken, specialty house chicken & beef, teriyaki chicken, chicken-on-a-stick, dim sum, tuna, eggs, sushi, pizza, garlic bread, doughnuts, caesar salads, octopus salads, potato salads, cooked veggies, coleslaw, all kinds of dressings, fried rice, steamed rice, all kinds of fried noodles, miso soup, wonton soup, egg drop soup, hot & sour, Tom Yum, seafood soup, make your own tortillas, ice cream and all kinds of cakes and desserts!!!

6 plates and 3 bowls later, it was as if God had witnessed my gluttony and decided to punish me. It was too late so there weren’t any buses left so I had to cycle 40mins, mostly uphill, back home!”


Sleep hours: 6 (1130-530)
Sleep quality: 7/10
HRV: 88 (+5)
Notes: highest HRV recorded! Couldn’t sleep as well last night. Kept waking up. Could have woken up at 430 but tried going back to sleep. Woke up with the feeling of having slept too much.

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