W9D1 – Sandbag + Aerobic Endurance

“The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do.”

7AM – Resistance Training: Sandbag 

WU: Joint mobilization + 10min Sandbag carry

Spartacus Ultimate Sandbag Workout
3 circuits of 45″ on 15″ off (2′ rest between sets)

1. Shoveling
2. Sandbag Zercher Cleans
3. Rotational Deadlift
4. Bent-over Rows
5. Rotational Back Lunge (left)
6. Sandbag overhead press
7. Rotational Back Lunge (right)
8. Sandbag Snatch
9. Rotational High Pulls
10. Sandbag Squats

If you would like to try this workout out, you can use this Timer. I’ve already programmed the exercises and rest for this workout.

Build your own timer at http://intervaltimer.com or use the app Seconds Pro!

Notes: Worked out fasted with 2 amino acid capsules. Still learning a lot of these sandbag moves so it was slow at the start but it was still a killer workout! Really considering going for a Ultimate Sandbag DVRT certification since, the creator, Josh Henkins’ gym is in Scottsdale, one town away from where I stay.

1PM – Endurance: Ski-Stairs 

Ergometer work 

1. Ski- 5mins
2. Stairs – 5mins

3 Cycles, No Rest

Total time: 30+mins (overdid some sets… Couldn’t focus)

Average heart rate: 180 (~83% of max heart rate recorded)

Notes: Pretty intense workout! Could literally feel the blood pumping to and pooling in my legs on the stairs and migrating to the upper body on the skis. Wanted to do 4-6 sets but felt my heart and vessels around my chest getting strained so I stopped. These are the messages your body tell you and that strain felt like a fit alarm.

Cycling Mileage: 3+  Miles
HRV: 86(+5)
Sleep: 7hrs (2300-0600)
Sleep quality: 9/10

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