W9D2 – Missed the bus! :)

“The STRUGGLE you’re in today is developing the STRENGTH you need for tomorrow.”  – Robert Tew

9AM – Missed the bus!!!

Aerobic Endurance: Cycling

Distance: 11miles (+1 Mile uphill to Cycle home)

Time: 55mins

Notes: Had a hard time dragging myself up this morning because I was sore and exhausted hence I decided to skip this morning’s training. However, I got too engrossed in trying to book the cheapest flight to Vermont that I lost track of time and eventually missed the last bus that would’ve taken me to school on time for my 10am class! In desperation I tried cycling after the bus somewhere in the distance that I couldn’t see, thinking I’d be able to catch up to it. After 15 mins I realized it was futile and checked google maps for the next bus. If I had waited for that, I would reach school at 1030 and be late. The only other option was to cycle to school which would take 55mins. By cycling, I would only be 10 mins late. So I choose the lesser of the two evils 😉

After what felt like the longest cycle in my life, I reached school at 1010am despite cycling to the wrong building initially haha. The funniest part? I found out later that the lesson starts at 10:30!

Inadvertently, I guess God did not want me to slack off this morning’s training. 🙂 Today’s cardio: checked!

445PM – Strength Endurance 

OCR Circuit: 4 Sets AMRAP, Minimal rest

  1. 2x45lb Loaded Carries – Front bucket-carry grip
  2. 2x45lb Loaded Carries – ‘Suitcase’ grip
  3. 45lb Loaded Carries – ‘Waiter’s carry’
  4. 45lb Loaded Carries – Straightarm Overhead
  5. 16kg Kettlebell – single arm sprinter’s stance row-rack-push press
  6. 20kg Kettlebell Single-arm swing with pull at the end
  7. Burpees with 18lb medicine ball, push press after jumping

Notes: Really fun yet tough workout! Very efficient, done in under an hour.

HRV: 87(+1)
Sleep: 6hrs (1230-630)
Quality: 7/10
Notes: couldn’t fall asleep easily hence the decrease in quality. Also, I woke up a few times during the night.

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