W9D5, 6 & 7

“Passion trumps everything” – Dave Tate


8AM – Recovery Full body Self-Myofascial Massage (SMR)

Time: 1hour

Equipment used: Battlestar, baseball, 2 tennis balls in a sock

Notes: Felt so good and refreshed after that long sleep! Just had to add icing on the cake and treat my tissues to some good ol’ rolling!

4PM – Functional Resistance Training 

Barbell work inspired by Functional Patterns

4 sets, 8-10 reps, minimal rest

1. Clean and press (50lbs, 22.5kg)

2. Single-arm Barbell lever row-twist-press (bar + 10.5lb/5kg)

3. Alternate between:

Barbell Lever split-lunge w press(bar + 10.5lb/5kg)

Barbell traveling twist (30lb/14kg)
HRV: 80(-3)

Sleep: 11.5hrs (1030- 800)

Quality: 10/10

Notes: Was really tired after cycling yesterday. Could feel my lungs expanding after every commute to school. Had a good looong sleep!


7am – Long Trail Hike / Run

Time: 2 Hrs

Distance: 6 Miles (~10km)

Notes: Ate tooooo much for breakfast so I couldn’t run for the first hour… Walked for half an hour then decided to lie down in the shade of the mountain to let my food digest. It was a good long nap listening to Spotify’s chill morning playlist. The serenity of just laying there on the mountainside and staring into the clear blue sky was unimaginably blissful. After some time I had all the energy in the world to run back over the rolling hills in less than half the time it took to walk the 3 miles. 😌

HRV: 80(0)

Sleep: 6 (0000-0600)

Quality: 9/10


Active Rest Day

5pm – Cycling 

Distance: 6.3 Miles x 2

Notes: Cycled to our favorite buffet haunt – Madarin Super Buffet!!! There is an unbelievable selection of food there and on Sundays, they have Snow crab legs! Everything from sushi to barbecue to home made delicious Chinese dishes & soups to make your own tacos to desserts all for $12!

In my glutony, I ate so much my stomach felt like exploding and I had to cycle standing up for most of the way back home. Haha.

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