New Max Pull-Up Record! (Video proof included)

W11D1 – Morning Endorphines 

730am – Ultimate Sandbag Training

4 sets, minimal rest
No rep limit, stop only when I tire.

  1. Clean and Press
  2. Thrusters
  3. Rotational Lunge
  4. Bent-over Rows to alt Shoulder Presses
  5. Bear Crawls (Front, Back, lateral)
  6. Sandbag Carries

HRV: 84(0)
Sleep: 6
Quality: 10/10

W11D2 – OCR-style Swim Workout

930am – Morning Swim

  1. 100m swim
  2. 12-15 Burpees

Repeat for however long you want to workout
Total Time: 30mins
Sets completed: 8
Notes: No joke because you have to hold your breath after the Burpees when you are possibly gasping for air.

5pm – Barbell Complex 

  1. Power Clean to thrusters
  2. Lunges to calf raisers
  3. Bent-over rows
  4. Rotational deadlifts
  5. Barbell abs rollout

Weight: 75lb / 30kg (about half bodyweight)
Reps per exercise: 6-8
Sets completed: 6
Notes: Brutal and time efficient workout!

Here is a video of one set!

HRV: 85(+1)
Sleep: 6
Quality: 10/10

7pm – Long Cycle 

Distance: 12 Miles
Time: 1hr 10mins
Notes: missed my bus and didn’t want to wait for the next one since cycling would’ve been faster by 30mins. Damn, didn’t expect to workout thrice today!


1145am – Max Pull-up Attempt

Total reps: 52
Notes: It was the first day of Marine Week here in Arizona State University (Downtown Campus). There was a Pull-Up challenge station and the winner would win a cool marine bag and free T-shirt. So Carpe Diem! Besides, my last attempt was last month and I only managed 28.

It is interesting to note that for the past few weeks, I did not even do much pull-ups training . I simply did muscle-ups and pull-ups for warm up before my workouts. So you can say I follow the “One Max Set A Day” training method as written in my guide to increasing your max pull-up count. 

1230pm – OCR Rowing Met Con

  1. 5 min rowing (palms up grip)
  2. Loaded carries (bucket, waiter, overhead, luggage)

Sets Completed: 5
Total time: 35mins
Average rowing speed – 2:15/500m

HRV: 84(-1)
Sleep: 6hrs
Quality: 10/10

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