Active Rest Monday, Barbell Tuesday

“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.” – Bruce Lee

Monday – Active Rest 

615am – Yoga 

1pm – SMR + Stretch 

  1. Full body self massage w small medicine ball (30mins)
  2. 15mins Soak in the Jacuzzi 
  3. Full body stretch In the Sauna (15mins)

HRV: 77 (-7)

Sleep: 6hrs 

Quality: 10/0

Tuesday – Barbell Work

8am – Morning Commute 

Fasted Cycle 

Time: 1hour 

Distance: 12 Miles

4pm – Barbell Complex

3 Sets, 6 reps, no rest 

  1. Clean
  2. Squat 
  3. Press (rack to back) 
  4. Front Lunge 
  5. Side lunge 
  6. Press to front 
  7. Upright Rows
  8. Rotational Dead-Lift 
  9. Single-arm Abs rollout

Barbell lever Single-arm complex

3 Sets, 6 reps, no rest 

  1. Split lunge + press (L)
  2. Split lunge + press (R)
  3. Rotational dead lift + press (L)
  4. Rotational dead lift + press (R)
  5. Rotational overhead lifts (side to side)

Skills Practice 

  1. ‘Tight Rope’ Balance on Barbell 
  2. Handstand(HS) + HS Push-ups 
  3. Human flag


  1. Full-body Yoga stretch in Sauna (20mins) 
  2. Cool shower (cold thermogenesis)
  3. Madarin Super Buffet 

Commute Home (Cycle) 

Distance: 6 Miles

Time: 45 mins


HRV: 79(+2)

Sleep: 7hrs 

Quality: 9/10 (woke up twice)

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