Food Heaven on Earth – Madarin Super Buffet!

Desmond and I eat here almost weekly because their variety of fresh food is absolutely unproportional to their price of $11!
It’s great way to end a day of exams, assignment submissions and a few hours of tough training 😄

Plate 1 – Salads

Plate 2 – More salads, Japanese seaweed, ginger and prawn roe sushi

Plate 3 – Chinese style stir-fried noodles with shrimp, beef, chicken, pineapples, chilies, peppers, broccoli, chestnut, rice vermicelli, yellow noodle, garlic and honest chili sauce

Plate 4 – slow-cooked beef ribs, grilled pork ribs, bbq pork loin, German sausages, tempura prawns and fish, steamed fish

Plate 5 – raw mussels, clams, steamed crayfish, soft-shell crabs

Plate 6 – make-your-own tacos, pepperoni pizza, garlic bread, Chinese deep fried doughnut, cream cheese filled samosa, spring rolls

Plate 7 – Miso Soup with Wonton from wonton soup

Plate 8 – watermelon, honey dew, jellies (agar-agar), chocolate and vanilla pudding

Plate 9 – 7 different pastries & chocolate cake

Plate 10 – peanut butter fudge, butter pecan, cookies and cream, coffee-toffee, ice cream

Oh yes, I destroyed my diet but it was totally worth it 😄

#food #heaven #buffet #happiness #nutrition #recovery #asuexchange #foodgasm #ocr #foodporn #diet #dietdestruction #lifeisgood

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