What diet are humans designed for?

Last week’s module was  on the changing view of Bodyweight, dieting and disordered eating. We delved deep into the Hippocratic methods for weight loss, the origins of BMI (Quetelet Index), President Taft’s diet, the history of seemingly ‘miraculous’ Fasting Girls who went for months and years on end without food or water and finally about Vegetable Grain Diets and prominent figures like William Alcott, Ellen White and Sylvester Graham.

This was my YellowDig response:

After module 4, I was consumed with these questions – What is the natural human diet? What have humans evolved over the millenniums to eat? Is it really raw foods? Is it a vegetarian diet? What exactly is a paleo diet?

This video is very interesting and highlights the importance of fats. How entire wars were fought over fats, how hunter gatherers chose their prey according to how much fat it had. How lions eat the fatty organs of their kill and leave the lean meat for the scavengers. Food for thought? or should I say “Fat for thought” ?

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