Training log: Week 23 & 24

“Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”
 Vince Lombardi 


Readiness to train

  • HRV: 86 (+1)
  • Sleep: 6hrs (2100-0300) + aftnoon naps (1+hrs)
  • Quality: 10/10 – did not wake up at all, no problem waking up too. Looks like my body is adjusting to waking at up 3am!

Strength – Calisthenics

  • warm up
    • 44burpees
    • Max muscle ups to pull-ups
    • Heavy bag work (punches, elbow, kicks)
    • Battle rope (vertical, lateral, alternating vertical)
    • Max Leg twist to leg raisers
    • TRX (Max reclined face pull to rows)
    • Max Pistol squats
    • Core work (back)
    • Max vertical knee tuck jumps
    • Max single leg calf raisers
    • Max one arm push-ups (4 reps)
    • Max towel grip pull-ups (10reps)
  • Main workout
    • Kettlebell
    • 23kg Double arm swing, 60 reps
    • 16kg Snatch, 10reps
    • 16 Press, 4 reps
    • 11kg Turkish get ups 4 reps
    • 20lbs Weighted Dips – 10reps
    • 20lbs weighted pull-ups – 10reps
    • Handstand push-ups 4-5reps followed by inverted leg on bench shoulder push-ups to failure
    • 3 Supersets of
    • Loaded carries: DB atlas simulation ~20m
    • Handstand push-ups
    • Cable Herculean hoist simulation
    • 3 Supersets of
    • Cable plate pull simulation
    • Single leg Step up jumps
    • Hanging wipers to leg lifts to chin-ups
    • ‘Cool down’ – 20mins Sauna stretch


  • Walked 2.1 miles, 56mins, 4630 steps
  • Cycled 6.1 miles, 50mins

Tuesday – active rest 

Readiness to train

  • HRV: 80(-6)
  • Sleep: 7rs (2230-530)
  • Quality: 10/10 – had an interesting dream about pirates and how we found a pirate captain that was >200 years old. He gave us lots of stories and strategies to overcome our enemies. Then he was being framed by some tyrant who owned this hotel chain, I was determined to help him. When to a bar, met one of my ex crushes but this was in the past so I took the opportunity to tell her I regretted not confessing my feelings for her. Fast forward I was kicking and punching some double glass window. Through sheer persistence I managed to break the glass with no injury. Haha dreams… I have a feeling they are a reflection of our lives and what occupies most of our thoughts because I was constantly thinking about hotels and going back to Vegas again for more buffets today 🙂

4pm – active rest 

Calisthenics, 1max set

  • 45 Burpees
  • Punching bag work
  • Max Muscle ups to dips to pull-ups
  • Hanging leg wipers, leg lifts
  • 16kg KB one arm swing
  • Battle ropes
  • Front levers,
  • Core work (front and back)
  • Split lunges
  • Handstand push-ups
  • Hamstring curls


  • Cycling – 2.2 miles
  • Walking – 2miles, 55mins, 4274 steps

Wednesday – Key Workout 

Readiness to train

  • HRV:78(-2)
  • Sleep: 7hrs (2130-430)
  • Quality: 10/10 – woke up way more refreshed today than in the last few days. I wonder if it’s because I haven’t strayed from my new dietary principles i’m testing out for about a week now. Or it could just be better rest and pacing of workouts.

930am – long run 

  • Distance: 16.5miles
  • Time: 4hrs 24mins
  • Notes: longest and toughest run to date. At 14miles, my right IT band started nagging me. It eventually went away when I stopped to stretch. This is a wake up call for me to do more SMR and stretching which I have been neglecting a lot recently.

Thursday – Rest 

Readiness to train

  • HRV:84(+6)
  • Sleep: 7hrs (2030-330)
  • Quality: 10/10 – it band still strained. Must really take care

630am – Before breakfast 

One Max set, full body calisthenics

430pm – Semi active rest 

  • Battle ropes
  • 23kg KB swing (double and single arms)
  • 16kg KB Snatch
  • Max muscle ups to dips to pull-ups
  • Leg raise (front and sides)
  • Hanging wipers (2 Max sets)
  • Towel grip chin-ups, weighted chin ups, weighted dips
  • Handstand push-ups
  • Core work (back)
  • One arm pull-ups, push-ups
  • Reverse flies
  • Calf raisers
  • Full body foam roll + stretch + 20min warm jacuzzi soak
  • Notes: pretty much did whatever I felt like doing but avoided any legs so as not to overstrain my already strained IT Band

Friday 4Dec 2015 – Rest 

Readiness to train

  • HRV:82(-2)
  • Sleep: 8hrs (2230-630, meditation from 6-630)
  • Quality: 10/10 – didn’t wake up at all during the night, woke up extremely refreshed. Will take the weekend off to let my body recover from the weeks of training. Right IT Band and right triceps tendon is still a little strained. Time to listen to my body.

On the bright side, I have gained 10lbs since arriving in the states. I assume it’s mostly muscle and bone densities although I need a DEXA scan to prove this. Feel much stronger but probably sacrificed some muscular strength endurance for power. Been doing a lot of explosive calisthenics and heavy lifting and carries.

Morning – Full body foam roll and stretch 

Saturday 5 Dec 2015 – Rest 

Readiness to train

  • HRV:81(-1)
  • Sleep: 7hrs (2345-645)
  • Quality: 9/10 – actually woke up at 430am but decided to continue laying there till I fell semi-asleep.

Body condition: can tell that all my muscles are still pretty tight and strained. As uncomfortable and weird as it feels, I have to constantly restrain from the urge to do some exercise. I shall take the weekend off to let those tendons heal completely before stressing them again. Hopefully these 3 days of rest is enough.

During the day 

  • Full body foam roll
  • Full body stretch
  • Some exercise (handstand holds, bear, crab, leopard crawls, some pull-ups, some core work)


Cycling 2+ miles

Sunday 6 Dec 2015 – Rest 

Readiness to train

  • HRV:84(+3)
  • Sleep: 9hrs (2100-600)
  • Quality: 9/10 – set my alarm at 430 but after meditating until 5am, I still felt sleepy so I went back to sleep. Waking at 6am, I felt much more refreshed but got a massive calf cramp on my right leg when I stretched. The urge to exercise is overwhelming now. I shall do one of my active recovery routines later.

9am – Calisthenics, 1max set

  • 46burpees
  • Pull-ups (1arm, normal)
  • Leg lifts, core work front
  • Handstand push-ups
  • Core work back
  • Lunges, squat jumps, calf raisers
  • 5min jog
  • Notes: could not resist the urge to exercise anymore. Couldn’t continue jogging because my IT band started to hurt again… Think it may take more than a few days of rest for it to heal completely. Possibly 3 weeks. Damn. Time to switch to other forms of aerobic conditioning.


Walking: 4+miles

Week 24

Monday December 7th 2015

Readiness to train:

  • HRV: 74(-10)
  • Sleep: 2150-0520, 7.5hrs
  • Quality: 9/10

730am – Calisthenics

  • 1 Max set
  • 47 Burpees
  • Pull-ups (one arm, normal)
  • Core (front and back)
  • Lunge jumps, calf raisers
  • Front levers, leg twist

12pm – lactate threshold workout

  • Swim
  • Distance: 2km
  • Time: 40mins
  • Intensity: moderate, 75-80%


  • Cycle: 4miles
  • Walk: 1mile

Tuesday December 8th 2015

Readiness to train:

  • HRV: 84(+10)
  • Sleep: 2150-0520, 7.5hrs
  • Quality:10/10

730am – Calisthenics

  • Full body, 1 Max set
  • Push-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Core (front and back)
  • Lunges, calf raisers
  • Handstand push-ups


  • Walk: 3.5miles
  • Cycle: 2miles

Wednesday December 9th 2015

Readiness to train:

  • HRV: 68(-16)
  • Sleep: 2230-730 9hrs
  • Quality: 8/10 – slept too much and woke up feeling more tired than refreshed. Should’ve set an alarm


  • Sandbag carry – 20mins
  • Calisthenics – 1 Max set
  • 49burpees
  • Sandbag: upright rows, rotational lunges
  • Handstand push-ups
  • Pull-ups: single arm, normal
  • Front levers
  • Core: front and back

Afternoon: full body self massage + stretch

Thursday December 10th 2015

Readiness to train:

  • HRV: 69(+1)
  • Sleep: 2230-630 8hrs
  • Quality: 10/10
  • Notes: HRV has been pretty low recently. Wonder why.. Haven’t really been training much since straining my ITB and right triceps. But muscles have been aching for consecutive days. Maybe that?

3pm – Strength

Supersets of:

  • TRX Push-ups & inclined TRX rows
  • Alternate legged pistol squats jump & 23kg kettlebell swing. Max Single hand then Max double
  • Loaded carry: 125lb DB atlas carry & Handstand push-ups.
  • Max Muscle ups to Max dips to Max pull-ups
  • 16kg kettlebell snatch, core (front and back)
  • 9kg Turkish get-ups, hanging wipers, front levers, single arm pull-ups
  • 50 Burpees (first 10 tuck-jumps)


  • Walk: 1mile
  • Cycle: 2miles

Friday December 11th 2015

Readiness to train:

  • HRV: 68(-1)
  • Sleep: 0000 – 0430 4.5hrs
  • Quality: 8/10 – last min packing plus needed to wake up early. Will continue sleeping on the plane

On the plane & during transits

  • Full body stretch


  • Walk: 3 miles
  • Cycle: 2 miles

Saturday December 12th 2015

  • Lost a day flying forward in time 🙂
  • Almost finished reading “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance”

Sunday December 13th 2015

Readiness to train:

  • HRV:80(+12)
  • Sleep: 0300-1200 9hrs
  • Quality: 9/10 – Could’ve woken after 8 hours but slept in. Not really jet lagged or anything so that’s good.

Before lunch workout:


  • 12 push-ups
  • 3 chin ups
  • Core front 8-5 reps
  • Core back 5 reps
  • Jump squats 5
  • Notes: felt like doing some exercise before eating. Going really minimalist here since I finally realized that most of my strains are from doing a max set everyday… so I will just do enough to stimulate the muscle but go way lesser in reps.

Afternoon: SMR – hot spots, mostly legs

Before bed: full body stretch

Commute: Walking: 2.8 miles, 1:08 hrs


Strained my ITB badly last week, had to take the past 1.5 weeks off. I guess it was not very smart to keep increasing my long run mileage by 1 mile each time I ran. I did not build enough strength in my legs by running more frequently at shorter distance.

Read this recently, “A runner is over-training when they cannot repair their body adequately between bouts of exercise.” – Dr. Shawn Williams.

Marathon training plan
From “The New Rules of Running” Vijay Vad, MD with Dave Allen

Hence I decided to start following a beginner’s marathon training plan and start from square 1 at 3 miles. I bought this book for my dad when he was training for his half-marathon last year. Hopefully by the end of this plan, I would have built enough strength in these legs to power through a marathon.

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