Training Tuesdays (Week 40)

Instagram #repost.

PM Workout

  • 20 mins easy cycle
  • Hard Sprint at the end
  • Standing up with hands off the handle to train balance

Was just ripping my shirt off to take a swim when the dreaded lightning alert siren rang… 🚨

So instead of lying around waiting for the clouds to pass, I decided to make the most of my time by hooking up a podcast to listen to and cycling instead! Good thing we have these stationary bikes at our local pools in Singapore! 🚲

Next time you hop on a stationary bike, try cycling standing up and with your hands off! I could barely balance for a couple of minutes straight without having to grab the handles. 🚴

Doing this will challenge your balancing and leg coordination – it’s no longer just about pumping the paddle down. With just enough resistance, you’ll also need to engage your hamstrings to lift it up. Hence, you can tax your neurological system tremendously – another aspect of training we don’t normally consider.

Did you know that the first 8-10 weeks of improvement is usually attributed to neuromuscular improvements? 🤓📚

After this easy 20mins “balancing bike” cycle, cycling home never felt so easy! 🚴‍

Keep mixing things up.

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