Wise Traditions Podcast #46 – Why our children are so sick? Beth Lambert

I refer to this podcast episode by Wise Traditions.

Beth Lambert describes the “perfect storm” that is assailing our children’s health. In increasing numbers, children and young people are struggling with allergies, eczema, inflammatory conditions, autism, autoimmune disorders, asthma, reflux, sensory issues, GI issues, ADHD, and more.

  • Are your doctors just treating the symptoms of your ailments and forgetting the root cause?
  • Are you aware of the link between your food and your environment and the state of your health?
  • The story of how one family completely reversed Autism in their son through changes in diet and environment

Have a listen if you have time and be more aware of the various autoimmune problems plaguing our generation because of modern diet and lifestyle. To delve deeper on the subject, check out Beth’s book, “A Compromised Generation”.

If your children are displaying similar symptoms, there is hope!

Check out https://epidemicanswers.org/ for a library of information and guides to changing your diet and environment to regain your family’s health again.

Listen here!

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