Fasting: 2 Days

14th Dec 2016

Following the surprising results of the previous 1 day fast, I was eager to embark on a longer fast to see what benefits it could do for my condition. After going back to my normal lifestyle for 5 days, I started my second water fast.

Results & Observations

1. Overall Body Ache

As expected from the results of the first time, the aches in my joints were gone by the first night however, that night I was still feeling feverish. This went away completely on the second night and I started sweating again!

2. Injuries

Swollen Ankle – the swelling has almost completely subsided after day 2 but I can still feel some strain in the ligament there from overstretching it last week.

Plantar Fasciitis – the pain at the bottom of both feet are completely gone. It helps that I’ve been using my orthortics at home and most recently, crutches because of my left hip strain.

ITB – completely gone by the first day. Hopefully this doesn’t come back.

Left Hip Impingement / Rectus Femoris Strain – As mentioned in the previous post, this tricky injury came about because I thought it was my old impingement coming back again. I decided to do some stretching and mobility exercises. Long story short, I got carried away doing those and might have strained my Rectus Femoris really badly… On Day 1 of fasting, there was so much pain that I was forced to use crutches. For the past 2 nights, I barely got any sleep because of the pain. Finding a comfortable sleeping position proved nearly impossible and I would have to keep shifting my positions. Sometimes the best position was simply to stand up. It was torturous. Last night I gave in to the pain and took an Arcoxia pill (Etoricoxib, 90mg) which gave me enough pain relief to fall asleep. I can’t really tell if fasting helped the recovery of this injury or not because its probably still in the acute phase of injury and might need up to 2 weeks to heal properly.

Rhomboid Muscle Strain – My mind has been thoroughly focused on the pain from my left hip during the past 2 days that I’ve completely forgotten about this. Its safe to say its more or less healed as I don’t feel any sharp pains.

Lower back stiffness – As mentioned previously, the stiffness in my right lower back got progressively stiffer 4 days after my 1-day fast. This could be a tell-tale sign that my autoimmune disorder was putting up a comeback. After the first day of fasting, I don’t recall feeling any of this at all. I’m guessing this is going to come back after a few days.

3. Other

Hunger – I expected to be feeling intense hunger on day 2 but surprisingly, did not. Even on the morning of day 3, I was feeling absolutely no need to feed at all.

Hydration – I drank whenever I felt thirsty, which felt to me wasn’t enough. However, I did not feel like drinking too much too because that would mean more trips to the loo and more pain in my hip. Next time, I shall research to see if drinking herbal teas are feasible.

Energy – This time around, I did not feel too low on energy (say 7/10) at the end of day 1. This could be my body adjusting to the rigours of fasting. Day 2 was somewhat similar to day one in energy levels. On the other hand, the morning of day 3 (the day I broke fast at 10 am), I felt more energised than the previous 2 days! Maybe it is true what they say that once your body starts to adjust to metabolising fats and ketones for fuel, your metabolism actually rises by 10% even though you’re technically ‘starving’. Its in inverted commas because in reality, you aren’t starving but rather continually feeding by tapping on our body’s vast amounts of adipose tissue, enough to last us more than 40 days in fact.


11th Dec, 22:00 – 14th Dec 10:00

Total duration: 60 hrs (~2 days)

I’m quite satisfied with the results of this fast. Besides the left hip strain, I’m free of any nagging aches or injuries that were otherwise bugging me. But it remains to be seen if they return after a few days which means a return of the autoimmune disorder. This morning when I woke up with more energy than the past few days, I would have continued fasting for 2 more days but my old man has been very worried about me ‘collapsing’. I broke the fast to avoid any further arguments and respect his advice to do things progressively. Who knows, I might collapse tomorrow? One thing I do know is that 2 days is not enough to put an Arthritic autoimmune disorder into remission and that I’m going for the 3 day fast soon!

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