Eye-Opening Field Trip to the Google APAC Office!

*Instagram repost (@jahntang)

2 Days ago, our Health & Wellness 3 class visited the Google APAC (Asia Pacific) office and were WOW-ed at their array of facilities available for their staff and the design of their office.

🎮True to their philosophy of “creating the happiest most productive workplace in the world”, Google ensures almost all of their staff needs are met by providing numerous coffee bars (with baristas), cafes, nap rooms, play areas, open kitchens, beautiful outdoor garden terraces to unwind, gourmet cafeterias with free breakfast, lunch and dinner, a free gym and spa membership as well as hundreds of meeting and conference rooms for their employees to engage in collaborative work. By taking care of these needs, they want their employees to be able to focus 💯% on their creative work.

🍎🥗☕️What I really liked was that their snack jars and meal menus had their ingredients listed and allergens highlighted. This caters for individual food sensitivities. Also, every pantry was stocked “front-loaded” with healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, Paleo cookies, grass fed beef jerky, Kale Chips, green tea, cold brewed coffee, etc. “Front-loaded” means the less healthy options like candies and sweet chocolates are kept in the most “hard-to-reach” areas like the bottommost drawers! Sugary drinks in the refrigerator were behind opaque glass and the first thing you see behind the clear glass were the healthier options like mineral water!

🏋🏻Of course we visited their gym which had state of the art equipment like cable machines which utilised air resistance so one would be able to configure very minute changes in resistance. They had a dance studio for group classes and finally, 2 full-time trainers, one my lecturer and the other a senior haha.

💻This office alone occupied 3 office towers and caters to 1400+ employees! Work wise, besides the large open space, numerous meeting and conference rooms, casual dress and flexible hours, each employee also gets a locker and can literally work from any one of the hundreds of work stations all over. I’ve heard they get to design their own desks or workstations too! If I worked there, I think I would design my workstation to include an adjustable standing desk and manual treadmill haha.


So what do you think? Wanna work at Google?

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