Simple Packed Lunch Strategy!


Day 50 of the elimination phase of the AIP!

Since starting this diet, I’ve cooked almost every single lunch and packed it to school or wherever I had to go. It’s not easy getting up at 5am to cook but I’ve definitely learned to be more efficient and make delicious packed meals fast!

Here’s an example from today’s lunch:

  1. Leftover Kampung (free range) chicken – from my mum’s delicious Hainanese Chicken Rice dinner last night
  2. Variety of veggies – cabbage, broccoli,  kang kong, onions, carrots, pumpkin, seaweed
  3. Condiments: coconut oil, raw minced ginger & garlic, raw spring onion leaves and 1 tbsp of fermented Chinese mustard greens (Xian Cai)

I cooked this together with my morning breakfast in refrigerated beef Bone Broth in 10 mins! Just heat up the broth and throw in the ingredients one at a time, starting with the hardest/longest to cook.

Oh and you can take a shower as you wait for the broth to boil too! 😉

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