Training Methods: Modifying Holds for Reps 

Accidentally discovered a new method of training for the back lever while playing around with my warm up today!

Before this I was training with mostly eccentric lowering and trying to hold the various lever progressions (straddle/tuck) for as long as I could.

This morning I tried reps for fun and realised it’s a good alternative to eccentric lowering because:

1. It builds muscular strength (duh..)

2. It moves engaged muscles through their ranges of motion – strengthening them at various lengths. This cannot be achieved in the previous “isometric” eccentric lowering method which only strengthens the muscle at the length it’s engaged in (i.e. the shortest or most contracted length)

🏋🏻 Working out or exercising should be FUN and ENGAGING. It should never degrade to the point where you don’t look forward to it and exercise aimlessly.

💭 Never stop thinking while you work out! You’ll always find a way to make things more interesting! 😁

So.. What keeps you motivated?

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