AIP Reintro 2: GHEE!

AIP Day 68.3

GHEE! Oh ghee… When I smelled and tasted ghee for the first time, I was reminded of delicious popcorn lathered with butter…

Oh man, I didn’t do a good job with tearing open the label at the top… Too excited I guess!

What is it?

Ghee is basically butter that’s been heated up to evaporate its water content. The proteins also separate from the fats and Ghee consists of the butter fats from this separation process. This clarified butter is commonly found in Indian food recipes and is highly recommended as a cooking oil not only because it adds a milky flavour to your dish but also because butter does not get oxidized easily when heated, unlike olive or other vegetable oils (not recommended!).

Grassfed ghee is the 1st Dairy reintroduction as it is the least allergenic form of dairy. Most people are sensitive to the trace amounts of casein and lactose in butter but these smalls amounts should be extracted out during the ghee cooking process.

How I Reintroduced Ghee

I did not finish the Egg Yolk reintroduction because I wasn’t sure if the symptoms were returning so I waited until my ankle joint pains subsided significantly before trying to reintroduce ghee 7 days later. On hindsight, I should have continued with the yolks so I could get a clearer picture.

I used the Organic Valley Ghee ( one I ordered from and I reintroduced it in this order:

1. I started with the tiniest lick of some ghee which had been stuck to the top of the cap.

2. 15 mins later, I added one teaspoon of it to my breakfast, spread across the small cut of grassfed meat.

3. 3 hours later, I added another teaspoon to my steamed black chicken for lunch.

4. I know I was supposed to wait 3-7 days after the previous step to monitor for symptoms returning but the next day I was cooking a steak for my family and couldn’t resist using 2 teaspoons of ghee for it!

Symptoms? or not?

One thing I’ve found challenging is whether the symptoms I may or may not be experiencing are genuinely a reaction from the food that I ate or from other lifestyle stresses such as stress or a workout I did. Or just a sign that my autoimmune disease is progressing. Its so confusing sometimes.

For example, the plantar fascia at the bottom of my feet have been hurting for a very long time, on and off. Some days it gets better, some days worse. So after eating something new, and the next few days it gets worse, should I cross that food off the list of allowed foods?

I guess its very hard to tell the symptoms related to food as some of them can be the ‘creeping’ kind and take a few days to insidiously appear too. Now that I’ve written this, I think I have a clearer picture / plan of action to take. After the first 3 days, I should continue eating normal portions of the food daily for the next 4 days. If the symptoms get progressively worse, I guess I should know clearly by the 7th day right?

Are you someone with experience reintroducing foods on the AIP? Your guidance will be greatly appreciated! 

(Update: 25th Mar 2017)

AIP Day 75.2

After the first 3 days, I started to experience significantly more pain in my right plantar fascia. I have a feeling its not the ghee but the effects of my immunosuppressive injection (HUMIRA) wearing off as its now 40 days since my last injection. I hope to not inject again and will only do so in the event of a flare that really debilitates me.

I have decided to stop reintroductions since day 75 (ghee day 7) and go back to the full AIP until my symptoms get better. I am also planning to consult a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) for a second opinion. Hopefully she can give me more advice on what to do moving forward.

(update: 1st May 2017)

Been cooking with ghee almost everyday and not experiencing any drastic flare-ups of symptoms.


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