First Meal Out on the AIP

28th March 2017 – AIP Day 78

First meal out with ma favourite people at our favourite BBQ stingray Coffeeshop! 


1. Small BBQ stingray without the amazing sambal Chilli sauce 😭 (brought my own turmeric and pink salt instead)

2. Stir fried Kang kong and Kailan with garlic

3. Half a bowl of rice!

(4) Had to give up / resist eating the ‘Ou Lua’ (oyster omelette) they ordered 😭

Condiments from home
Plain stingray without the characteristic sambal chilli sauce all over
What my stingray ended up looking like instead!

Before each meal out I also make sure I take 2 pills of Glutenza and avoid any heavily “gluten-ed” foods like pasta or bread.

Reintroducing rice this week!

Being Asian, I think the odds of me being sensitive to rice should be pretty low since we’ve been consuming this for generations right? 🤔

Question: anyone knows a reliable source (book/website/paper) for finding out what our ancestors ate? Not Paleo ancestors but those ancestors a few dozens of generations ago (hundreds-thousands of years). For me that would be my Asian ancestors from China I guess?

I think such knowledge might help me create a better meal plan rooted in traditional diets.


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