Comprehensive Stool Test to Find The Root Cause of Autoimmunity

Stool Test Results
Results of the stool test. Turns out I have some pretty nasty bugs dominating in my gut!

Recently received the results of a comprehensive stool analysis done about a month ago based on the recommendations of my Naturopathic Doctor. Yes, I had to prod, poke, scoop, bottle, freeze and pass the 💩 to my doc who sent it to America for analysis. 

It turns out I have a large amount of dysbiotic gut flora belonging to the Klebsiella species (see the 3+ next to it on the red column) as well as some imbalanced flora (those in the yellow column) and yeast (bottom under Yeast Culture) which have the potential to cause trouble if not treated and especially so if I don’t have a large population of good bacteria like the Lactobacillus (1+ only). Klebsiella pneumoniae in particular are pathogenic bacteria that have been linked to autoimmune diseases like Ankylosing Spondylitis. In fact, I did this stool test after a round of antibiotics from a recent hospitalization from food poisoning yet these Klebsiella microbes weren’t killed off! They sure are pervasively persistent.

Finally, I might have found the root cause of my autoimmune problems and hopefully may be able to successfully treat it and put the disease in remission.

(A little rant…)

Being able to do such tests are one advantage of sourcing for and being treated by an alternative doctor. Conventional doctors like all my past and current Rheumatologists have simply dismissed this theory of pathogenic gut microbes infecting and causing autoimmune disorders even though there are numerous papers published. They all agree that there is a possibility but do not follow up with testing or treating. Probably either because they aren’t trained or aren’t equipped with the knowledge to treat these gut dysbiosis problems. They also scoff at the idea of using nutritional and dietary strategies to manage disease. Something which has definitely helped me, especially fasting.

This reluctance to find and treat the root cause of diseases, as well as the over reliance and constant ‘pushing’ of synthetic pills and drugs (for pharmacological profits I suppose) which have never been without side effects, is the main reason I decided to seek alternative medicine for a second opinion.

Fingers crossed, time to start killing these buggers! ☠️ Hopefully my pains may go away (and stay away!) after a few weeks! 🙏🏻

For more info:

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