Gymnastics Rings: Beginner Flow 2

This is the second basic flow I’ve learnt on the rings. Pretty tough at first to do a few consecutively, especially when my palms get sweaty. I’ve learnt the trick is to keep the rings close and tight. 

Benefits of a Ring Flow

  1. Greater muscular ‘time under tension’
    – because you are transitioning from one ‘tension’ position to another immediately
  2. Stimulates greater neuromuscular coordination
    – learning to transition from move to move stimulates your brain much more than just doing individual reps of an exercise
  3. More volume done in less time
    – more time efficient than doing reps because of less rest time
  4. FUN
    – much more fun and interesting than just dishing out reps like you’d do at the gym 😀
    – Besides, there ain’t no gym equipment that lets you ‘flow’ from movement to movement. The closest I can think of is Barbell Complexes but even that includes ‘mini-rests’ between reps (like when you put the bar down for a split second between deadlift reps)

Beginner Flow Combo 2

  1. Muscle Up to…
  2. … L-Sit (hold 5 secs)
  3. … fall back to Reverse-chin
  4. … lower to L-Sit

Repeat for desired reps! (~3-5 reps x 3 sets)

My recommended Rings

(both of these are going at great discounts on Amazon now!)

  1. Emerge Gymnastics Rings (wooden)
  2. Nayoya Gymnastics Rings (plastic PVC)

Gymnastics Rings Program I’m Currently Testing/Following

  1.  Gold Medal Bodies Rings 1

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Have Fun!

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