“Surrender Your Negativity”

I’m a Roman Catholic and last saturday was the first time in my life I’ve ever mustered the courage to go to the confessional box before mass for confession.

I think it may have changed my life for the better.

I’d been thinking about this for a few weeks now after hearing our priests repeatedly  suggesting more regular confessions. Not only for spiritual renewal and divine forgiveness, but also our personal ‘settlements’ with our sins.

One sin I’ve been guilty of for probably most of my life is my predisposition to negativity

For some reason, innate or otherwise, I’ve always seen the ‘negative’ side of things more easily than the ‘brighter’ side of life.

This has led to some relationship problems over the years with friends and family and worst of all, I would fall into the bottomless pit of depression for periods of time. Wallowing in my negative thoughts. My personal health journey was littered with many such episodes of depression.

Over the years, I have tried to change this by making a habit of smiling more throughout my day, smiling first thing in the morning, praying, keeping a gratitude journal and always thinking of the ‘brighter’ side of things. I can say it has been working to some extent.

For some reason that day, I dedicated the last part of my confession to this negativity, adding that it is certainly not a healthy habit or behaviour for me and those around me.

What the priest said next struck me deep in the essence of my being.

“This negativity you have… you must be careful. It can easily lead to more serious things like depression. Pray to god… surrender your negativity to him.

Till today, I can still remember how those last few words washed over me like a wave on a beach. A wave that came from something divine, far, far away, who simply nudged it in the right direction, with the right force.

Even now, as I think of those words, it feels like a silent prayer enabling me to allow ‘negativity’ to seep out of my being. Almost like it is dissipating out of me into the universe.

I’ve never known such a powerful prayer or instant ‘cure’ for negativity could exists in a few simple words. I have since adopted this mini-prayer into my daily prayers, and say it frequently.

No matter your faith, no matter your religion, I hope these simple words may also benefit you in your dark times and bring the bright light of positivity into your lives.


Resources mentioned: 

  1. The Five Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day

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