Indoor Plants for Air Purification and Evidence that Plants have Consciousness!

Indoor Plant - lady.jpg

Meet Lady! The latest addition to the family and home! 🏡

In Singapore we call this “my mother-in-law’s long tongue” 👅😛

Mum: “You know why long?”
Me: “No, why?”
Mum: “Because Mother-in-laws like to ‘chap-chui’ (dialect for always interrupting and telling their daughter-in-laws what to do)” 😂

I was saying a prayer for the plant and when thinking of a name somehow “Lady” came to mind. 💃🏻

Anyway we bought this because it’s an indoor plant great for freshening up and purifying the indoor air!

My flat is located on the 6th floor so we get air pollution from all directions. Especially nuisance are my neighbours who smoke either below me or around me. They may not realize it but many times throughout the day our house will be suddenly filled with toxic second-hand cigarette smoke.

Some more benefits of indoor plant decor:

  • Plants release  natural compounds such as negative ions that combat electromagnetic (EMF)  radiation from home devices like wifi routers which are harmful for our health in the long run
  • Having plants in your homes and offices also help you relieve stress as nature is one of the best stress relievers. 🌿
  • Regularly touching and admiring nature also ‘grounds’ us and connects us with who we really are – god’s creations.

(If you’re ever shopping for an indoor Air Purifier and are baffled by the range of available options, you might want to check out this detailed review for some valuable info!)

Plant Consciousness

No so recently, it has also been discovered that plants are very much as alive and conscious as we are!

Scientists have been able to measure the electrical resistance of vegetable tissues and transduce them into a MIDI signal (Musical Instruments Digital Interface). The MIDI signal then controls a synthesizer that produces an audible sound that we can hear.

“The music produced by the plant is not only an automatic outcome of this electrical connection, rather a sort of “awareness” of the plant … This is what the researchers in Damanhur (the developers of the U1 device) have found out in their forty years research. They say that after some time of being exposed to their own sounds, plants seem to become aware that the sound is coming from them and they start modulating it intentionally.”

There is a fascinating book and documentary on this titled, “The Secret Life of Plants”.

Hail Nature!

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