Spirituality: Composing Prayers/Poems Because I Could Not Sleep!

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been experiencing a slow but steady build up of spiritual fervour. I’m not sure if fervour is the right word… maybe zeal? Ardour? But definitely somewhere along those lines.

This comes from recent experiences that have reinforced and strengthened my faith. Now, more than ever, I truly, firmly, believe that there is a greater being out there. That he is constantly watching us in our daily lives, in all we think, say and do.

It’s like the feeling of knowing that the sun is shining on your even when you close your eyes. You can feel its warmth and know which direction it is coming from.

Somehow, just the thought of this feels my heart with such ecstasy that it feels like it is about to burst out of me! This overwhelming joy is definitely ‘overflowing’ into my daily life!


I recently felt compelled to purchase the book on the Life story of Saint Francis after mass one day. In it, I read that St. Francis would often stay up all night praying. I wonder if it was because he could not fall asleep?

Anyhow, in recent nights where I could not sleep, I decided to pray too.

At first, it was my usual structured prayers like giving thanks first followed by asking for forgiveness for my sins, praying for others and finally praying for my personal petitions.

Well, then I didn’t quite know what else to say. So I just whispered out loud whatever prayerful thoughts blew into my mind.

After some time in this meditative state (hours probably), I realized that my prayers sounded like a poem and not wanting to forget them, I switched on my bedside light to write them down.

1st Prayer 3rd Dec 2017

This was the first prayer I wrote down. A lot of repetition huh 😅 . If you’re reading this and can turn it into a song, do let me know!

Prayer 2 - 3rd Dec 2017

This was the second prayer/poem that night. A little shorter and still unfinished.

I guess my spirit was getting sleepy by then and I fell asleep around 2 or 3 am. 😴

There have been more spiritual developments too such as a sudden divine-inspired hymn that came into my mind and very vivid dreams which I am still praying for the wisdom to discern.

I hope to find time to write about these sometime, as well as the journey of my spiritual renewal in the past few months!

For now, may the grace of God shine through you in your daily lives.


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