The Unseen Dangers in Your Pocket!


❗️Accidentally discovered this today❗️

Do you believe our bodies are affected by the electromagnetic forces around us?

Logically thinking, we should be since we have minerals like iron in our systems.

We may not be as perceptive or as sensitive of these but we find plenty of evidence in nature like how migrating birds navigate with the Earth’s magnetic field.

Well, look at how putting my phone close to this compass screwed it up big time!

And here we are, innocently carrying it all day so close to our bodies!🤕

Here is a neat video by this great YouTuber who measures everything from Wifi to our body’s own voltage when using a grounding device (or just stand barefoot on the earth! Its called earthing and is hugely beneficial to your health!)

I heard about a study recently correlating the rising fertility issues like lower sperm counts and problems conceiving with increased exposure to EMF radiation from cellphones and other devices we often keep close to our bodies like laptops (PLEASE don’t put those on your laps!).

💭 Just think of where your reproductive organs are and where you normally keep your cellphone. (In your pocket?)

I guess it’s worth reading up more about this, educating yourself and practicing some simple habits like keeping your phone in your bag or switching it to “airplane” mode when not using!

There is this book titled Radiation Nation by Daniel and Ryan DeBaun that sheds light on how EMF overexposure could be a global health issues.


To deal with this, they have come up with a line of EMF protection devices such as cell phone cases that minimise EMF exposure to our bodies if you need to keep your phone in your pocket.

(It’s what I got for myself last Christmas!😂🎁)


Even with the protective case, I still often switch to Airplane mode when not using and try not to keep my phone in my pocket.

Check them out @defendershield !



(Instagram repost with added links!)

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