Body, Minds and Spirit: Connecting the Disconnected!

This morning, this article was staring at me in the face as I took my usual morning supplements.

It is an article from the Herald, The Catholic Weekly, given free (donations encouraged) in Malaysian Churches.

It gives me yet another reason to love our Pope! 🙌🏻 😇

The first paragraph sums it all.

“A lifestyle that is environmentally ethical cannot be “schizophrenic” – for example, by showing more care for animals and forests, then for the plight of people, Pope Francis said.”

Spirituality, I too firmly believe that we should not be disconnected with everything else. For example, we should not disconnect our spiritual aspects of our lives from our physical, mental and emotional parts of our lives and bodies.

“… taking care of animals in extinction, but ignoring problems facing the elderly.”

“… defending the Amazon rainforest, but neglecting the rights of workers to have a fair wage.”

This reminds me about something I recently learned from my Godfather – the word “Catholic” means “Universal” and that “salvation” means “wholesome” and that what Jesus means by “reconcile” really means to “change”!

So we should try to connect every aspect of our spiritual lives with our physical ones. Not just with our bodies and emotions but also with our actions and how they impact our environment!

For example, god created us in his image so we should honour him by taking care of our bodies which are also called our “temples of God”. I learnt from last weekend’s mass readings (2nd reading) that we can only truly worship him in these “Temples” if they are pure.

So maintaining restraint from an indulgent diet rich in all the delicious but not so healthy foods is one way of purifying our bodies.

Another way is to refrain from guilty acts of sensual pleasure.

Felix, my devout Nepali catholic friend once told me.

Jesus said, “Everyday I am crucified every time someone sins.” 😞

With regards to connecting with the environment, eating a more vegetarian diet not only nourishes our bodies, minds and spirits, it also reduces the amount of needless suffering our conventionally raised animals go through.

Chickens, cows and pigs brought up in crammed factory-style production lines and not allowed to feel the warmth of the sun or roam around freely or even to stretch their legs and wings, aren’t really treated like living things anymore. Just meat on your plate. 😔

I believe every time we eat the meat from these animals, we take in some of their sufferings as well. It is a form of “blood” food, quite tainted spiritually and definitely “unclean” in the eyes of God.

I like to say,

“If you had to kill your pet chicken or pig or cow everyday for food, would you? That beloved pet which you have named, you have fed, you have loved and cared for and which you have brought up and shared a close bond with?”

Another way to connect our spiritual with our environment is to exercise your purchasing power by choosing organic, sustainability farmed produce whom you know the farmers are caring for the land as much as they care for the crops.

In conclusion, there are sooooo many ways to connect our spiritual faith with every other aspect of our lives – mind, body and spirit.

So let’s try to be more aware of how our individual decisions, thoughts and actions are interconnected and strive to obtain “Salvation” (become wholesome) by “reconciling” (changing our ways)!


God grace be with you!


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