Finding A Prayer Closet in My Room!

For awhile now I’ve been wondering why there is this small space in the corner of my room next to the window.

There is nothing there except an empty shelf, lots of cobwebs and daddy-longlegs 🕷!

Then this morning after I prayed the rosary beside my bed, divine inspiration struck and I think God told me to use it as a prayer room 😂 (quite indirectly of course)!

So I wiped the cupboard clean and place the only altar-like piece I brought from Singapore there.


This is a small portrait of Our Mother of Perpetual Succour which I found collecting dust at home the other day 😂


Turns out it is a really cosy place to pray and the air is unbelievably fresh because just outside the window are the most abundant and overgrown aloe vera plants I’ve ever seen!

Aloe veras are one of the top air purifying plants to have in the house!

#godwantsmetopraymore? 🤔

(Instagram repost!)

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