A Miraculous Shadow in Church!?


As the title of this post suggests, this morning during my Rosary, I must confess that I was pretty preoccupied and distracted with this ‘spiralling shadow’ from the ceiling of the church to the little candle beside Mother Mary.

I think I have noticed it before on other days but did not give it much thought until today.

And believe me, I spent quite a couple of minutes looking around and trying to imagine  every possible angle and find every possible light source and object that could cause this shadow but to no avail!

Here is how the rest of the altar looks like from where I was. Maybe you can help me identify the source?


Honestly though, it looks beautiful!

Kind of like a column of holiness descending from heaven.

Is there a message behind this?

Maybe, but I still can’t think of any. Just a manifestation or reassurance that “God is with us”?

What do you think?


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