Roses, Flowery Scents in Church and a Feather Up My Nose!

On Ash Wednesday last week, I decided to attend Morning Mass at 7am as it was the only timing that fit my schedule. At the same time, I decided to go for the Eucharistic Adoration which happens before that at 530am.

My experience that morning touched me so deeply that I’ve been waking up at 430am every day to go back ever since!

Well in summary, I felt that the morning Eucharistic Adoration was one of the most sincere ones I’ve attended. There weren’t many people but Father Rory played the organ and together with the few ‘regulars’, would sing a couple of hymns and psalms. He has a deeply calming voice and sings from the heart and soul.

That morning, for some reason, my soul was so touched that I started tearing, then crying, then weeping once again!

Ever since then, at least one hymn each day would bring tears to my eyes.

Besides the emotional and spiritual effects, I’ve also begun to feel like this simple and humble little parish was quite a holy place. 

Sometimes, for no reason, I would begin smelling flowery fragrances in the church! 

Most of the time it is the smell of Roses but sometimes it is a mix of all kinds of flowers.

Furthermore, these ‘fragrances’ often come in quite unexpected ways. I never feel any wind or draft of air. And because I can’t see it, I can only imagine what or how it comes and manifests itself.

I often imagine it as more like morning dew or a cloud or ‘fog of fragrance’ slowly sweeping over me in church. (I haven’t asked anyone else if they can smell this yet.) Maybe it comes from the walls?

To add to the mystery of it all, I have been circling the church after mass to find those Rose bushes or flowers and have never found any closeby that are fragrant enough to have their scents carried into the church hall without any wind!

Yesterday morning after mass, I was “sniffing around” the church compound once again to find that elusive Rose Bush.

There is only one row of flowers outside the church and knowing full well that there aren’t any roses there, I still decided to go sniffing at the largest flowers I could find there.

As I was sniffing with my eyes closed, suddenly, something went up my nostrils!! (video below) At first, I thought it was an insect but when I opened my eyes, I realised it was a feather stuck to the stigma of the flower!

What are the odds!

Immediately I thought, “Feathers are often associated with Angels.”

Furthermore, I did not pick that flower to sniff. I was just randomly sniffing around, with my eyes closed haha.

This was a beautiful grey-white feather with yellow edges at the top.

Sadly, when I tried to grab it to take a photo, a strong gust of wind blew and it flew out of my hands.

I tried following it but it kept flying higher and higher up towards the clouds until I couldn’t see it anymore 😕

I was recently reading a fascinating book titled Stairways to Heaven by Lorna Byrne and in it she describes how angels are everywhere and constantly making things happen in our lives. They sometimes make their presence known through simple sings like leaving feathers for us to see. (or in my case, nearly sniff and get stuck in my nose!)

Lorna is an Irish lady who has been blessed since birth with the gift of being able to see angels everywhere!

She sees everyone’s Guardian Angels too. And can even describe them in vivid detail!

Her books are simple and thoroughly heartwarming and have become international bestsellers (as an angel once told her they would be). The stories she’s told about Angels and even about heaven are pretty amazing! (yes, she’s been to Heaven a couple of times when permitted by God and with the help of certain Angels she’s sees often like the Archangel Michael!)

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