The Most Malevolent Nightmare

Its 545am and I have just woken up, still a little tired, but never in my life have I been so afraid to fall back asleep! 

I have just had 2 consecutive dreams (nightmares would be the better word). Both extremely vivid and both almost the same dream and in the same setting.

It was as if I wasn’t dreaming at all but rather experiencing it in reality. In another dimension perhaps?

This has never happened to me before and normally these days, I am so tired at night that I fall asleep almost instantly. I usually wake up almost in the ‘blink of an eye’ and don’t even remember any dreams at all.

The first dream was of me walking with a friend.

I did not know who this friend is or her/her name. I just knew that this person walking beside me was a dear friend. Someone I trusted, felt comfortable with and could rely on no matter what.

My friend was constantly walking just out of my view so I never saw his/her face.

We walked around Singapore and finally we came to our destination which looked like a room. Hotel room perhaps? Oddly enough, the designs of the walls look exactly like my room.

Hang on, I just turned around to look at the cupboard behind me and I realized IT IS MY ROOM! The room that I’m currently typing this blogpost in. 

Cupboard and my room.jpg
The ‘scene’ of my dream.

Now, THAT is sending multiple shivers down my spine and you will know why in a few moments as I explain the dreams.

In this first dream, after wondering the streets of Singapore, it seems like our final destination is my room.

Upon arriving, I promptly closed the door and was standing in front of my cupboard when I suddenly felt the ‘air change’. It’s like those movie scenes where the main enemy (like Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter or the Night King in Game of Thrones) is approaching and the air becomes cold, you see your breath and the water around you starts to freeze up and some kinda dark energy starts to fills up the place. The place even becomes darker as if the dark energy drowns out the light from the lamps.

I could feel this ‘presence’ approaching slowly, but surely. With silent yet consecutive steps. I was seriously dreading each step as it grew closer. I could not hear its steps but I somehow sensed every step it took.

This ‘dark presence’ was approaching from the right side of the door beyond the cupboard and was slowly walking (step, step, step…) behind the wall from right to left until it turned and walked into my room from the left opening which was my ‘Prayer Room‘.

Left side of cupboard.jpg

As it entered my room, I was paralysed with fear. 

I could not move, I could not run even though every instinct in my body was telling me to run. Even if I did, I don’t think there was anywhere to run to.

I have never been so afraid or helpless in my life!

Thankfully, my companion wasn’t afraid and somehow he stood up and ‘fought’ this presence! 💪

It wasn’t like a full-on action fight like you’d see in the movies. There was no action. Rather, it was like a power fight where each one was using his own ‘Aura’ to try to ‘dominate’ over each other.

After quite a long time, my companion won and we were so relieved!

The evil spirit was driven away and we sort of ‘hugged’ each other spiritually rather than physically as I did not recall any hugging but felt the feeling you get when you hug someone. (I love hugs and will hug my parents everyday so believe me, I know what I’m talking about haha)

This rejoicing did not last very long though. 

Shortly after, there came another presence! From the same direction, waking step by step slowly but malevolently around the back of the wall.

This time though, the enemy was quite different. (in a bad way…)

From the moment I felt it, I knew the previous one was ‘small fry’ and this one was the real deal. (Oh man tears are coming into my eyes just thinking of this now and they are definitely not tears of sadness or joy but rather tears of fear? I don’t even know how that is possible.)

This ‘presence’ was very tall and looming. Very dark and even before I saw it, I somehow had the image of it in my mind. It had looong hands while the rest of its body was just black. Like it was wearing a long black cloak over its head.

It was walking but not waking on the ground. Like stepping on air. (same for the previous one)

As it entered the room, I was frozen again. With extreme fear such as I have never felt before in my life. (‘tears of fear’ flowing again as I recall this…)

In helplessness I turned to look at my companion but he was hiding in the cupboard!!

I was on my own and before I knew it, this ‘evil spirit’ had its hands outstretched as if it was about to strangle me.

Suddenly, I was acutely aware that I was back in my own body lying on my bed laying face up. Still, this ‘being’ was above me in the same position – arms outstretched just in front of my neck and about to strangle me.

I was paralysed but somehow I managed to grip both his wrists and that was what was stopping his hands from reaching my neck. However, he was very strong and I knew it was only a matter of time before he would prevail.

We struggled for the longest time and I kept ‘shouting’ for help in my heart and in my mind because I could not speak or move. It felt like those cases of ‘sleep paralysis’ where you are fully aware that you are awake but unable to move your body or get up at all. I have experienced this multiple times in the past but never with some ‘demon’ on top of me trying to kill me.

I could hear the cars zooming past on the road outside. So I definitely was awake but could not open my eyes or get up from this ‘dream-like state’.

Suddenly, I remembered the Lord’s prayer as I was reading it yesterday morning and even took a picture of it yesterday for my FB quotes album.


So I started saying the prayer in my mind.

Every word I said felt like I was shouting at the entity and I could feel like it was having an effect however nothing really happened until the very end.

“Our Father … (struggle)

In heaven … (struggling)

Holy be your name … (still struggling)

Your kingdom come … (struggling)

Your will be done … (struggling)

On earth as it is in heaven … (struggling but this felt like the turning point in the battle!)

Give us this day our daily bread … (I got a bit more strength)

Forgive us our sins … (I’m starting to push back)

As we forgive those who trespass against us … (now he sort of tries to make a comeback!)

Do not bring us to the test … (I can tell he was losing)

But deliver us from evil, Amen. (AND I BROKE FREE!)

That moment when I broke free of his grasp, it felt as if I had just physically broken free of some thick metal chains! With my bare hands!

I can’t tell you how relieved I felt and at that instant, my sleep paralysis was gone and I shot up and sat by my bedside.

Immediately, I said a thanksgiving prayer and asked God, Jesus, Mother Mary and every saint and angel and holy soul in heaven to protect me from all evil, always.

After an hour of typing, I am still stunned and shocked and am sitting here with my blanket wrapped around me and my rosary, cross and 2 medallions of Mother Mary around my neck. 😂

I kid you not, this is exactly how I look like right now.

In fact, every night I wear my cross and medal and go to sleep holding my Rosary. Still, this happened.

Furthermore, I brought a bottle of holy water over from Singapore and had blessed the house and my room by sprinkling it around on the first day.

Reflecting on the dreams now, I think my companion with me might have been my Guardian Angel and that ‘dark entity’ could possibly have been a demon. The second one probably some more powerful demon or even one of those fallen angels that fell with Lucifer. 

Furthermore, the past week has not been a good week for me. I have been constantly distressed and troubled by my situation regarding this tenancy in this house. I have been constantly catching myself frowning and brooding and not feeling as joyful as usual.

Many ‘bad things’ have been happening to me in this house such as me breaking a window and a tap accidentally and in recent days, random things just dropping around me for no apparent reason. (I’m in the midst of writing about that in another post) Some of these events have even physically harmed me like with bruises or cuts. 

At first I thought nothing of them but when one thing after another started happening and still did not show any sign of stopping (in fact, they have been getting worse), I have to believe that these are signs from God telling me to move or that the house doesn’t want me here.

Now that I’m writing this all down, it begins to dawn on me that these things that are happening around me and to me feels like one of those horror films like Insidious where it starts out small and gradually builds up to something horrible haha. 

Thankfully, a friend from Chile was talking to me one day and told me that I should not ‘settle’ for a place. That if I don’t feel comfortable, I should just move.

I think I was just trying to make myself like this place because I found it at a good price and it was within walking distance to school and I had told the landlord that I might be looking at staying for 6 months. So I felt very guilty going back on my word yesterday when we had a ‘discussion’ about me leaving the place.

It was more of a blaming game and argument than a discussion and in the end I got so distressed over it all that I just shut my mouth and let her continue until it was time to go to school and I promptly turned and left without saying another word. She followed me out, uttering more excuses and comments but I just ignored her and left without even looking at her since.

Maybe she spent the entire day cussing or cursing me? 😟

My mother and I used to be Horror-movie-junkies and have probably watched just about every horror movie out there worth watching. And from these, I’ve realized that ‘evil spirits’ tend to target people at their most vulnerable states (i.e. emotionally distressed). 

I was definitely very vulnerable yesterday as I spent the whole day brooding about the whole argument in the morning.

So … in conclusion, this is just my experience that I’m sharing. I feel compelled to share this and hope that something like this never, ever, EVER happens to anyone of you reading this.

In fact, I just recalled a similar story that Felix, my napali godbrother, shared with me before. It wasn’t a strangling dream but was about how someone had come and laid down beside him as he slept and put an arm around him and he was paralysed with fear! 😱

I guess that is worse! And he said at first he thought it was his mother as that ‘presence’ also called out to him in his mother’s voice. But he was so stricken with fear that it could not have been his mum.

For awhile he laid there in fear until he suddenly recalled the Lord’s prayer too and after saying it, was ‘free of the bonds’ just like I was! 

So maybe it’s good if you learn the Lord’s prayer? Just in case? Haha. (just a little evangelization going on here 😉)

Side note: I also recalled a link my Godfather shared on my timeline just yesterday about a prayer by a renowned exorcist for protection in your home against evil and said it very fervently out loud before starting to type this post in my room.

I tell you truthfully, I felt a sense of warmth and pleasantness after saying it. Before, I still felt somewhat cold, icy, fearful and uncomfortable inside because I am still in this room where all that happened.

May the peace and protection of our Lord be with you always.


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